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Diversify your Crypto wallet

Why is diversification necessary in Cryptocurrencies and How to Do It?

With over 10,000+ cryptocurrencies in circulation, finding out the best ones to invest your hard-earned money becomes difficult.

It is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, and the same goes with cryptocurrencies; you should never invest all your money in one project.

The key reason for diversifying one's crypto portfolio remains the same as the reason for diversifying one's whole portfolio.

While it is nearly difficult to draw a provisional conclusion about the crypto market, making the sensible option of investing in numerous cryptocurrencies and creating a diversified crypto portfolio maintains it impact-ready.

The usefulness of cryptocurrency diversification is demonstrated by decreasing the risk of permanent loss if one of the assets in the crypto portfolio crashes. 

In contrast, the other assets retain their value or experience an all-time high or profit. Overall, the various assets work together to improve the portfolio.

Recently, we have all witnessed the crash of $LUNA and $UST; numerous stories have been floating over different social media platforms where people have lost their homes, life savings, and whatnot by making the mistake of not diversifying their portfolio and going all in one project.

Diversification of a portfolio is like eating a complete meal with all of your proteins. When discussing diversification, keep in mind that the total amount you plan to invest should be the amount you are comfortable losing. 

Diversifying your crypto portfolio is investing your money in numerous crypto projects rather than investing it entirely in one asset.

For example, suppose your entire budget for investing in digital assets is $10,000. 

In that case, you may split 30% of that amount among the most common tokens, BTC and ETH. The remaining is among numerous altcoins and metaverse currencies, depending on your preferences.

Doing this lowers the danger of suffering a massive loss if one or more projects do poorly, which is typical given the volatile nature of the crypto market. 

Implementing a diversity approach into your budget allocations for multiple projects helps you earn the most excellent potential returns even when certain portfolio coins perform poorly.

Tips for diversifying your portfolio

Now that we've covered the benefits of crypto diversification, it's necessary to settle on a fundamental plan before plunging into the new digital asset!

Select the correct storage wallet mix: Split your tokens between hot wallets (digital wallets) and cold wallets (offline or hard drive) to keep your tokens completely secure.

Liquidate your assets: As unpredictable as the crypto markets are, crypto experts frequently recommend keeping an eye on the market to assess market movements and liquidate your holdings accordingly.

Track Volatility: While the volatile market may be used to liquidate profits, it can also make more informed purchases!
The ups and downs of the crypto market are a good indicator, and the 'dips' are sometimes referred to as the ideal time to purchase high-end coins.

Check whether you can afford to lose your investment: Taking advantage of the crypto market's volatility is wise, but every trader must also consider affordability if you are not comfortable losing your entire investment. In that case, you cannot afford to risk investing the amount you are thinking.

Dollar-cost averaging: DCA includes putting in little chunks of your overall budget in your preferred tokens rather than spending up your entire budget.

Make a mental reminder to avoid investing all your money in one asset.


Although the crypto market is unstable, investors are drawn to its potential upside. If you intend to diversify your portfolio by including crypto tokens, it is critical to examine each coin before purchasing it thoroughly. 

There are now dozens of crypto projects on the market, and additional tokens are continually developing. This implies that, despite the overall volatility of the crypto market, you may create a balanced crypto portfolio according to your objectives, period, and risk tolerance. 

Make sure to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and maintain track of your chosen crypto coins before investing.

LordToken | Jun 6, 2022