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LordToken: Our Vision

LordToken: Our Vision

Crypto is an ever-growing market that keeps on extending its reach every day. Blockchain, the core technology behind it, has the potential to disrupt almost every industry, the social aspect of our lives, by simply facilitating how we exchange information and value. Simply put, blockchain can change the world at the same scale as the internet did in the late 90s.

Today, blockchain already allows us to pay, lend/borrow, store untampered information, organize as democratic groups (DAO), and prove ownership of physical/virtual goods... This list keeps on growing every day, and nobody can predict where and if it will stop.

Comparably to the internet in its early phase, blockchain is a raw, complicated technology that has a steep learning curve. During the last decade, we saw adoption from the tech-savvy people, followed by financial aficionados and institutions, and now from early adopters. If crypto wants to become a technology as successful as the internet, it must now onboard everyday users. This challenge can be tackled by focusing on two aspects: offering ease of use and premium customer service.

This conclusion is exactly what motivated Nicolas Lefortier and François Denis to cofound LordToken. Today, users can buy/sell cryptocurrency thanks to the diversity of exchanges operating on the market. However, none of them combine a set of easy-to-use tools and premium customer service.

LordToken’s ambition is to fill this gap, by granting access to anyone, regardless of his level of expertise, to a comprehensive set of tools while relying on premium customer service. A perfect analogy would be to compare blockchain with a car engine. Nowadays, billions of drivers use a car, but do they all understand perfectly how an engine works? To interact with it, they used a simplified interface, and if something goes wrong, they rely on technicians. The same goes for crypto: blockchain technology is quite complex, but if users are offered simple ways of interacting with it along with proper customer care, they will be able to take full advantage of it.

Our mission

Our ambition is quite simple: democratize crypto investment. To reach this goal, we leverage what’s already available and successful on the crypto market, and we add our secret ingredients: a user- friendly interface with premium customer care available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To become the one-stop shop for crypto newbies and pros, we aim to build a fully compliant and very secure exchange, filled with simple yet effective tools. We also focused on the community aspect of LordToken and added a layer of comfort with robust customer service.

If everything goes according to plan, our ambition is to become a leader exchange in Europe. Currently, 4 of the top 5 exchanges are located in Asia and Coinbase in the US. We consider this fact as a great opportunity for us to lead the way in Europe, and make sure France positions itself as a major actor of the crypto revolution.

The team

At LordToken, we strongly believe that the team defines the success of a project. This is the reason why each member has been carefully selected.

Both our co-founders share those values, among others. And since they are at the origin of this project, we’ll start the round of presentations with them.

Nicolas LEFORTIER is a serial entrepreneur, HEC graduate, and Investor, leading around 100 people through his business ventures. He successfully builds self-sufficient systems to let him focus on growing his business. Nicolas is now acting CEO of LordToken.

François DENIS is an investor, an entrepreneur, a high yield investment expert, a speaker, a blockchain expert, author of a bestseller combining real estate, cryptocurrencies, and business, three of his passions. Addicted to freedom, François became an investor in traditional and alternatives markets. At the head of FD Conseil, he teaches ambitious people how to reach financial independence. He is now the Executive Vice President of LordToken.

Nicolas Hersog, LordToken’s CTO, has impressive digital and technical experience in many fields such as FinTech, B2C, B2B, Retail, and Research. For more than 10 years, Nicolas has been supporting large accounts and tech nuggets in the construction of their digital projects. Founder of toHero, Nicolas and his team will lead the technological development of LordToken, thanks to their experience in web and app development.

Benjamin Goldstein is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Lordtoken as our COO. Benjamin is an expert in Blockchain thanks to his experience as a business developer for Solid, a European company developing IT solutions in the Blockchain space. He also was a Blockchain consultant for PwC, where he advised banks and insurers regarding this new market.

This article is not long enough to present every LordToken actor, but rest assured, we will have many occasions to become acquainted with everyone. We still would like to give a round of applause to our customer support team that is at the center of the LordToken hub. LordToken concept is built around their work, and their dedication to satisfying users around the clock is the cornerstone of what LordToken is.

How do we plan on becoming the greatest European exchange?

Our vision for LordToken is to become a real oasis for traders ranging from newbies to experts. To make sure we reach this goal, we decided to leverage what is already on the market and add our twist on top. Our exchange is powered by Binance cloud, meaning our customers will benefit from the security and available liquidity of a very well-established platform. Our twist consists of offering premium customer service, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, along with a wide variety of content and tools (please refer to our roadmap).

By providing enough content and tools that can be relevant and accessible to anyone, we want to push the boundaries of what a traditional exchange can offer. Our blog will be a great source of information regarding the crypto industry, focusing on delivering only relevant information. We are also building a dedicated space for training, with tutorials sorted by level, offering relevant content to all investors whether they are investing for the first time or trading daily. An important focus will be made on the social features of our platform: if you have a look at our roadmap, you will understand that Copy Trading, the first service of social trading with qualified traders offered on an exchange, is an important milestone for us.

To tie everything together, we created a utility token called LTT. We will review in detail how to acquire them and what are the benefits of holding LTT in the penultimate section of this article.

Our roadmap, packed with a wide range of tools and features at your service

Launching a new exchange is a long road that should be paved with amazing services and features. We embark you on a journey that will, brick by brick, bring you incredible ways to interact with our exchange, give you access to financial services, and discover new blockchain projects. We strongly believe that the community is at the center of any successful project, and this drives us to share with you each step of the road, making sure we successfully deploy solutions that are tailored to LordToken’s users.

We divided our roadmap into quarters: 

First quarter
LTT’s saving program

You will quickly understand that we are constantly looking for ways to reward anyone willing to put his trust in LordToken. With the LTT saving program, users will be able to stake their tokens and receive exceptional APY. We decided to opt for a structure that will allow you to select the amount of time you desire to lock your tokens. The longer you decide to stake, the better the reward. This will have two effects: reward our most loyal users, and reduce the circulating supply of our token, thus decreasing the selling pressure, while keeping on distributing LTTs. Since we are fine-tuning all parameters until the last minute to balance between what’s best for the platform and maximizing rewards for users, we didn’t yet set in stone the structure of the rewards. However, we also stated that we are constantly trying to be as transparent as possible, so here is a small sneak peek at what it could look like! Just keep in mind it can be edited to reach a fair equilibrium:

Base APR will be 7%. You will be able to lock your savings for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days, increasing your reward. 90 days will secure you a 12% APR.

Second quarter

Cashback program

Staking will bring you passive income while speculating on LTT. But what about traders? We’ve decided to also reward active traders by creating the cashback program, an opportunity to get up to 35% trading fee rebates in the form of USDT. This program was designed to reward LTT holders since the only requirement is to lock a certain amount of tokens for 30 days, and during this period, you will earn cashback for every trade you make. As soon as they are locked you’ll start receiving those rebates in USDT, in your exchange wallet.

We’ve decided to give freedom to our believers, and that’s the reason why you can select the level of rebate you get by locking the quantity of LTT you want. We also believe that the duration is an important factor: Lords shouldn’t feel trapped by an auto-renewal mechanism. You stay in control at any time! Lock whatever quantity you feel confident with, and decide 30 days later if you want to renew your participation in this program.

Levels of this program start as low as 15 000 LTT, giving you a 5% trading fee rebate. To reach the highest tier of this program, you will need to lock 960 000 LTT for 30 days, rewarding you with an incredible 35% rebate.

A big milestone was completed after 48 hours: almost 10 million LTTs are already locked! If you are an LTT holder, join us and seize the opportunity to profit from your bag! Simply click on the

“Cashback” tab under your account where you can review the different tiers of the program and find all the answers to your questions.

iOS and Android App

Crypto markets are moving fast, and we know this for a fact! Mobile apps are a must when you are actively trading. Even if you are a long-time holder, having access to market information and being able to trade on the go is a plus: you will never feel stuck in a position. Here also, we are constantly balancing parameters to deliver the best to our customers. The app should be efficient, easy to use, and of course very secure. Our apps will be our version of the Binance app, boosted by access to our customer care service and the rest of our features. This allows us to provide you with the best: the Binance security and liquidity, and the LTT touch, always one step ahead to match your needs.

Please note that LordToken is accessible through the browser of any smartphone. However, nothing replaces the comfort that you can expect with a dedicated app!

Fiat on/off ramp

As we previously stated, we ambition to become one of the world’s leading exchanges, providing a convenient and easy way to trade cryptocurrencies and use DeFi services. Our only missing stone at this point will be offering a bridge between crypto and fiat, allowing you to easily convert your fiat into cryptocurrencies, and also banking your profit by turning them back into fiat.

We are currently working on two different bridges, credit cards, and SEPA bank transfers to accommodate everyone. For this milestone to be a success, we are teaming up with the best-in-class actors to guarantee we offer the lowest rate in the market while ensuring maximum security, in an easy-to-use interface.


As we move forward, and since we’ve decided to be user-oriented in everything we do, we will constantly improve the user experience, offering better ways to access the market and make things better and easier for you. For example, we are already working on a new trading interface and small quality-of-life improvements such as a feature to convert your small balances to LTT.


We acknowledge that web 3.0 is growing at an incredible pace, and we want our users to be able to actively participate in revolutionary projects, regardless of their business verticals. The launchpad will have a straightforward operation: projects willing to launch on LordToken will fill out our form and send us legal documents. After the due diligence period, they will be notified whether our team decides to move forward and let them access the launchpad. With this selection process, we want to ensure we are teaming up with the only best projects. Lordtoken users will finally be able to participate in those projects by investing in them with their LTTBTFOTL (”LordToken Token, Buy The future On The Launchpad”).

Third quarter

DeFi services: staking

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) was a big hype for crypto enthusiasts in 2021. In a year, the total value locked in DeFi protocols saw a fourfold increase, from $25 billion to more than $100 billion. With the recent correction of the market, this value held strong, and we are still hovering around the $100b caps. This proves that this segment of crypto markets is very appealing to crypto investors, and is here to stay.

Q3 will be the occasion for us to offer DeFi services, starting with staking. Use our exchange platform to buy your favorite crypto and simply stake them to be rewarded. How cool is that? Now long-term investors can easily benefit from their holdings and monitor them in a simple and convenient dashboard in the same app/website as their favorite exchange! No more sleeping assets in your wallets, receive rewards for holding your favorite assets!

Fourth quarter

Copy Trading

Trading is a complex way of investing. We can divide the market into two main groups: on one hand, we have the experts, and on the other hand the rest of the market. What if we could offer a mean to incentivize expert traders into sharing their trading strategies with the other actors? That’s exactly what we intend to do with our Copy Trading feature. Our team will carefully select la crème de la crème, traders that are showing the best returns, and if they are willing to participate in our program, they will be incentivized in LTT, depending on the amount of capital other users are “investing” in their strategies.

LordToken is in nature a complex technical project, however, it can be summarized as a social trading platform in the form of a marketplace. It is completely frictionless since everything is happening on the platform, offering a strong incentive to the best traders to share their plays with more neophyte investors, letting them benefit from off-the-shelf strategies that have effective and observed returns.

Our roadmap is already garnished with a decent number of features and services that we are intensively working on. However, you should also expect surprises along the way. If you noticed, we didn’t yet add to the roadmap our take on NFTs, for example. We want to set the bar very high for this type of asset by pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do. Let’s say, what if you couldtokenize real-life assets, such as commodities or real estate? Stay tuned for always more.

LTT tokens are at the heart of everything we do for you

LTT tokens are our in-house utility tokens, at the heart of everything you do on LordToken. They do not entitle the holder to ownership of securities, letting customers from the US interact with our tokens without any hassle. They were first distributed on the occasion of our ICO, however, if you didn’t have the opportunity to support us during this event, there are plenty of other ways you can grab some. The first and most obvious way is through the LordToken exchange: you can buy and sell LTTs directly on our platform. Staking will also reward you with LTTs, and once the Copy Trading feature will be deployed, the best traders will also have a reward in LTTs. Ultimately, we reserved a large portion of tokens to be airdropped to our community. We value users that boost us with their interest and rewarding them is our priority. Stay tuned for opportunities to obtain a share of these airdrops!

Similar to the BNB token on the Binance exchange, LTT is a utility token that grants you rebates on costs for your trades. With the cashback program that we detailed in the roadmap, users can get rebates in USDT on their trades by locking their LTTs for 30 days periods. It’s important to note that holding LTTs will also decrease social trading costs, therefore it can significantly increase your performance when you decide to follow a high-performing trader’s strategy. As we also stated in the roadmap, LTTs will also grant access to various services provided by LordToken: for example, LTTs holders will be able to participate in our launchpad offers.

We are constantly thinking of new ways to give utility to our token, and we will soon announce some burning mechanisms to help control the price action of the token. If you were impressed by the success of the BNB token, keep an eye on LTT, the fuel of the LordToken ecosystem.

Our vision: the world is getting decentralized, now is the time to make a move!

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Bitcoin, gifted humanity with an amazing tool: the Blockchain. This concept is the root of everything in the cryptocurrency market, and the most important aspect it brings is decentralization. Until then, all exchanges of information or value were relying on old-school well-established third parties. We are now given the chance to shake things up, by giving fairer access to financial services and facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges.

We envision LordToken to be a pilot of this revolution. Exchanges will become the new banks, providing a reliable bridge between traditional finance and the decentralized world (while there is still a need for it), financial services and tools. Assets will be diversified thanks to concepts such as NFTs. New markets are opening, and even GAFAM starts paying attention to this revolution. Facebook is actively working on a metaverse, rumors say Microsoft is also making a move in this direction. Can you foresee the big picture? We are on the verge of something huge, and LordToken wants to empower you to be an active part of this incredible opportunity.

We are firmly betting on NFTs, its potential is limitless: tomorrow, we will be able to build a world where physical assets will be tradable online, without relying on a third party. We are still actively researching what LordToken can do to fully tame what this new technology can bring to the market. Rest assured, we will not miss this opportunity, we have many surprising moves to reveal in the near future.

Stick with us if you want to be an early adopter, WAGMI (“We are gonna make it”) together!

LordToken | Apr 15, 2022