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The LordToken exchange part will be stopped on September 22, make sure you don't have any balance left

The LordToken exchange part will be stopped on September 22, make sure you don't have any balance left

As previously announced, we are gradually shutting down our exchange platform services, with the final closure scheduled for September 22. As you may have noticed, trading services have been closed since September 11.

Between now and September 22, we ask you to :

  • Check if you still have assets on our exchange platform. If you have used the Cashback or Savings functionalities in the past, you may still hold LTTs in these functionalities, so don't forget to claim these LTTs. Please note that these 2 functionalities are not accessible from the mobile application. To access them, you need to use our website.
  • Recover your assets. After this date, the procedures for recovering your remaining assets will be subject to a reinforced verification process and will require a longer processing time, almost manual, and on a case-by-case basis by our teams. We therefore urge you to make your own withdrawals as soon as possible.

As our trading services have been suspended since September 11, it is possible that an order you have placed has not yet been completed or processed on the trading platform. Please refer to this guide to find out how to resolve this problem.


1/ Reach and connect into this page
Link: https://exchange.lordtoken.com/usercenter/history/open-order

2/ Click on “Cancel All”

3/ Withdraw any remaining assets


🚨 Action Required: If you still have assets within your LordToken exchange account, we urgently request you to initiate a withdrawal of these assets as soon as possible toward a personal wallet that you solely control, such as Metamask or Trustwallet.

A tutorial is available for you here to retrieve any asset to your personal Metamask or Trust Wallet.

For assistance, email us at [email protected]


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

The LordToken team


LordToken | Sep 15, 2023