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Scalp Trading

Everything You Need To Know About Scalp Trading

Scalping, also known as scalp trading, is a short-term trading method that allows a trader to benefit from minor daily price swings in an asset. 

The trader can gain a considerable sum over time by adding the little profits from each deal. 

Because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, scalping is a popular approach. Scalpers typically utilize leverage to conduct additional trades and tight stop losses to control their risks.

The essential variables that define success in scalping are speed and consistency. Cryptocurrency traders use this method to respond quickly to market changes. Instead of maintaining a position for days, weeks, or even hours, scalpers make decisions in minutes or seconds.

To employ the scalping method, the currency pair must be highly volatile since big price moves occur during brief bursts of volatility, and scalpers benefit from these price shifts.

How to Profit from a Crypto Scalping Strategy?

Each trader creates their own trading technique to benefit the most from crypto scalping. Some traders, however, share their trading beliefs. Scalping works only when there is real-time technical analysis.

Scalpers open positions every 5 to 10 minutes on average. Still, the 5M period is the most desired since it is compatible with other tactics and is subject to examination, improving the likelihood of predictability. Scalpers execute dozens or hundreds of transactions every day.

Crypto Scalping Timeframes

A trader can attain trading velocity or the number of deals done using the scalping timeframe. 

The most common time frame for scalping is between 1 and 30-minute charts. 

The smaller the timeframe, the bigger the number of probable trade settings, although this entirely depends on the scalping approach you pick.

In crypto scalping, you can accumulate several winning trades throughout the day, resulting in substantial cumulative earnings.

Here are various scalping techniques.

  1. Trading on Range Basis
    Range trading is a scalping approach in which a trader determines a price range within which to purchase or sell in a short period. 
    With this technique, you will purchase low and sell high until the cryptocurrency no longer trades in this range.
    Range trading entails finding basic price levels. 
    Volume trends, moving averages, and support and resistance are some technical analysis tools employed in range trading.
  2. Arbitrage
    Profiting on the price differential between similar or identical crypto assets is what this is all about. 
    For example, a trader can buy BTC at Binance at $19,000 and sell the same at $19,200 on Coinbase. This difference in the value of the same asset on different platforms is known as arbitrage.
    The profit margin in arbitrage often relies on the mispricing of market inefficiency, which means that additional traders will be keen to get in on it. A trader must compare two assets to determine an arbitrage opportunity.
  3. The Bid-Ask Spread
    The bid-ask spread is the difference in the asking and bid prices. 
    The bid-ask spread enables scalpers to initiate a transaction at the ask or bid price and then swiftly close the position a few points higher or lower to profit.
Things to remember while scalping
  • It is critical to understand and master the process of efficient order execution.
  • Scalpers must be aware of trends and momentum since they can enter and quit quickly. 
  • A scalper who understands the market pulse may employ trend and momentum trading to make more winning deals.
  • Although most novices are comfortable trading on the purchase side, it is critical to remain on that side until you have mastered the sell/short side. You will, however, need to balance your experience on both sides.
  • The scalping method requires you to enter and exit deals in a short time. For optimum earnings, this approach requires high-volume trades.
  • Discipline is essential in scalping since you are expected to close all deals during the trading session. Scalpers cannot breach the rule of retaining assets for a short period.

Tools such as stop loss can be very helpful in such low timeframes where volatility is extremely high.

Who Should Do Scalping?

Scalping cryptocurrency is not for everyone.

If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrency, starting with a less hazardous trading method is best. 

Furthermore, investing in the bitcoin market in the medium to long term may be better.

You need enormous finances to acquire several positions in scalp trading, and you also need to be psychologically prepared for any outcome. 

Furthermore, scalp trading demands a high level of emotional control, which very few beginning traders possess. 

However, if you believe you have all of these qualities and the necessary computer abilities, then, by all means, get started.

LordToken | Apr 21, 2023