Legal Notice

Legal Notice

1. Information about the publisher

The editor of the Site accessible at the url address www.lordtoken.com is : 


A BVI BUSINESS COMPANY (a company limited by shares)

Headquarters / registered office : registered office is located at 171 Main Street, PO Box 92, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, VG 1110

BVI Company Number : 2089258

Email : [email protected]

The director of the publication is Nicolas LEFORTIER, in his capacity as legal representative of Lord (BVI) Ltd.

The main activity of Lord (BVI) Ltd. is the development and management of all systems, software, technical solutions, websites, platforms and applications, as well as the acquisition, subscription, holding, management and disposal, in any form, of all shares and all securities in all companies or legal entities.

In this context, Lord (BVI) Ltd. also operates as a digital asset service provider. The activity of Lord (BVI) Ltd. includes, among other things, the operation of a platform that facilitates the exchange of digital assets for other digital assets.

2. Information about the host

The service provider providing direct and permanent storage (hosting service provider) is : 

Name / Denomination / Company name : Amazon Web Services

Address : 410 Terry Avenue North PO Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226 – USA

Date of last update : 09/09/2022