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LordToken is registered PSAN

LordToken is PSAN!

LordToken is officially registered in France as a “Digital Asset Service Provider” at the French Monetary Authority for four services.


This status of Digital Asset Service Provider (“DASP”) is a milestone in the development of Lord Services S.A. in France. Starting from February 22nd, 2023, French users will be able to invest in crypto-currencies via the exchange platform https://www.Lordtoken.com.

Paris, February 8, 2023 – Lord Services S.A., who operates the premium cryptocurrency exchange platform LordToken, announces its registration as a DASP at the French Monetary Authority (AMF) .

 On Feb 22nd, www.LordToken.com will be open to French users who will be able to buy and sell more than 285 cryptocurrencies, including its own cryptocurrency, the “LTT”, that gives access to services such as cashback and saving. “We are proud of our commitment to the security of our users and the transparency of our operations. This new status is a guarantee of quality for customers, who can now invest in digital assets with confidence. We are committed to work relentlessly to provide the best services in a safe and transparent environment on our platform” explains Benjamin Messika, Legal Director of Lord Services S.A.


One more step to pursue our mission of democratizing access to digital assets by individuals and professionals in an environment that complies with the various standards of regulation in force. Lord Services S.A. will continue to enrich its offer with its new brand Davensi, providing a full investment experience to its French investors’ community, thanks to a wide range of services and tools to optimize the performance of their portfolios.


Nicolas Lefortier, co-founder of Lord Services S.A. declares: “Obtaining our PSAN registration with the Autorité des marchés financiers is the outcome of extensive work undertaken by our teams over the past months. This is a major step for Lord Services and our development strategy in France. We are convinced of the potential of cryptocurrencies as an alternative product designed to remain in the financial landscape. We are pleased to offer the French citizens the possibility to invest in digital assets in a safe and simple way”.


Regulation is a catalyst for the development of the Web3 financial services industry and its structure. The transparency it requires, is a key element of reassurance for massive adoption by French and foreign investors.

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About LordToken:

Centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2020 by two French entrepreneurs, Nicolas Lefortier and François Denis, with the ambition to democratize investment in cryptocurrencies by becoming the first French player backed by Binance Cloud. After the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of its utility token, the “LTT”, in 2021, Lord Services S.A. has strengthened its Board of Directors, executive management and plans to market a second brand with the renewed ambition to facilitate access to decentralized finance.

LordToken | Feb 8, 2023