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LordToken will support the Terra Network Airdrop

LordToken will support the Terra Network Airdrop

Following the disaster for the Terra ecosystem (LUNA), the Terra cryptocurrency tokens are now virtually valueless, but their replacement is coming and LordToken is going to support them!

The current Terra network will be renamed Terra Classic, and LordToken will take over the Terra network airdrop.

The Terra Classic network's LUNA and UST tokens will now be referred to as LUNA (old) and UST (old) in this statement.

Trading in LUNA (old) and UST (old) suspended:

  • Deposits and withdrawals of LUNA (old) and UST (old) are now stopped as same as the trading pairs LUNA/BUSD and UST/BUSD

Change of Ticker from LUNA (old) and UST (old) will be renamed to LUNC and USTC respectively:

  • LUNA (old) token ticker will be renamed as LUNC.
  • UST (old) token ticker will be renamed as USTC.

Trading resumes for LUNC and USTC:

  • The exchange will be open for trading for the spot trading pairs LUNC/BUSD and USTC/BUSD on 2022-05-30 at 09:30 (UTC).
  • Deposits and withdrawals of LUNC and USTC will reopen on 2022-05-30 at 09:45 (UTC).

LUNA Airdrop Rules

  • Based on Terra project team’s token distribution plan, we will distribute the new Terra 2.0 token (LUNA) to all eligible users . The distribution ratio per account will be announced in a separate announcement.

Detailed Airdrop Rules


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Please note:

  • The pre-attack snapshots will include: LUNA (old) balances in Spot accounts, Margin accounts, Savings accounts, Staking accounts and Coin-Margined Futures accounts, but will exclude USDT-Margined Futures accounts.
  • The post-attack snapshots will include: LUNA (old) and UST (old) balances in Spot accounts.
  • LUNA (old) and UST (old) transferred to Spot accounts from these accounts, will not qualify to receive tokens from the airdrop.

For more information, please refer to the following:

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Lordtoken is not responsible for your trading losses.

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LordToken reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

LordToken | May 27, 2022